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Out NoWx.Start an underground war 

with your mates at 

the Wofmo megic' 


"A bmatf) of 
fresh air." 90^ 


■ w m » n ^n i i nil 


MWwHwii<iitPuai««<li>3Ifl*tii if i » i i w«i ri rtii> r « » i m :C i »«Bt w %tai»U S* i M 

. ji Mm 1 1 -II nrr' mnr-nnTm m 

irti wTTiiiwf) 1 111* i^iiiii ■iiirn» 111 iiinp<ii . »i m »i mmin iT 


Safety Inlormation 

Mwiit Phnlotentlliva StizutM 

A wory snail pfitunuse ot people may ttMp arien e i i abm when wtxisoa to ceiidKi 

visual imagos. Itidimifq ibshmg hgWs w patiem 1M may appear in video oatnes 

Even people who ttava no htstoty of sazwes or ap»vtsf mav hwe an uniliaonossd 

condition uat ran caits» these "ptettsensitive etrficprtic seiat'cs" while watching vttJeo 


Bwse seUures may lwv« a vartoiv of sympioms, inctoBng »ohthMdrtn«^ 

vteion, eye or face twitching, jeftang or shaking o( amw m togs, ditoninMoa. 

eoirtusion. or momentary loss ot awareness Seizures may atao cause loss o( 

coftscwusness or convufeions that can fead to tnjwy from tiMno down or itrihing 

neartjy obiects. 

(flumdotely stop playing and cotisult a doctor it you experitnoe any ot ftese 

symptoms. ^«nts sWwW warch for or ask ifieii children about II«o above lymptoms - 

dddren and tooiagera are mote likeiy than adults to experMnce ttt^c stiziites. 

Die risk ol piKitaBensittve eptleptic seiTures may be ledijcad t^ Sitting tartlwi from tbe 

We VBi o n screeo, using a smaller television screen, playing In a weiNit nwm, and not 

pi^/ma when you are drowsy or fatigued 

H you or any of your r^atives tiave a tiistory ot seizures or epilepsy, consult a ctocior 

brfore pteylng. 

Ottai Impoitant I4eatth and Safety Intaimatioo The Xt>ox Instruction Maiwil contains 

importam health and safety mtam^mn that you ShouU road and understand tKfonj 

using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Ihi Mrt use wilk certaia lelwitieM. S^ne telev»K>ns. especeUy honi- w re^f- 
pratsclion types, can bt damaoed if any video gsnes, induiftig Xbox games, are 
played on Ihem Stats Imapes presented during ifw normal course ol game play may 
'burn in" 10 the screen, causing a permanent stiafjow of the static image to appear al 
all limts, even when video g^n^es are not being played. Suwtat danuge may occur 
fmm static images created when placttq a video pme on hold or pause Consult your 
tiievislon owner 's manual to determine it video games can be played safely on your 
sd. If you are unable to hnd the I n f o r ma lion hi the owner s manual, corrtact your 
televtsion dealer or the manufadurer to dMenntnc it video games can be played safely 
on yOui set 

UnauthonTBd copying, reverse engineering. Iiansnsssion. puUlC paftormance. rental 
pay tor play, or drcumvention of co^ty protsdiofl Is stricHy 

Dkuik yiMi lot piircfMwi^ Some Hook. IVjvt nnic rlui nii'i uillwttn: n antgned orly 
toi uut wrth IfMr Xtxn Be sofc to irad Bro mstruction mjjiual thoitiughly b#<oir y»,iu 
•ii.iri ptaymx Sowt H«n« AKo not* ttur ttM imMKIifln nwnual fawrurf Ik? «M»u«i, 
thriiFtnn pIcaK keep it in a Mic pte«. 


1. Set up your Xbox video game system by following the instructions in 
the Xbox Instruction Manual. 

2. Press the power button and the status indfcator light will light up. 

3. Press the eject button and the disc tray will open. 

4. Place the Sonic Heroes disc on the disc tray with the label facing up 
and close the disc tray. 

5. Follow the on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more 
information about playing Sonic Heroes. 


Disc tray 


O © 


Controller port t 
Contfoller port £ - 


© © 

Power button 
Eject bulton 

Controller port 4 
- Controller port 3 


Expansion slot A 

Expansion slot B 

Right trigger 

Left thumbstick 

BACK button 
START button 

Left trigger 

Directional pad Right thumbsdck 


Avoiding Damage to Discs or the Disc Drive 

To avoid damage to discs or the disc driver 

O Insert only Xbox-compatible discs into the disc drive, 

O Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-shaped 

O Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when 

not in use, 
O Do not move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc is 


O Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs. 

1 . Insert the Xbox Controller into any controller port on the front of the 
Xbox console. For multiple players, connect additional controllers to 
available controller ports. 

2. Insert any expansion devices (for example, Xbox Memory Unit) into 
controller expansion slots as appropriate. 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more 
information about using Xbox Controller to play Sonic Heroes. 


3 7- 



This tenacious Wo of Sonic, Talis and Knuckles combines exhilarating 
high-speed action with medium difficulty playablltty. 

laiis and Knuckles tinatty catch up witn Sonic as he ttiur!. around the globo. 
rind pass him a letter from hH ardi-ncmests Dr. Eggman (hfcaU!fting 
inotiser Oiitn^eous tevtnffi schema This time, the deranged scientist 
anrouncei OaX he has finally complied his ultinute weapon, and in a 
matter of 3 days, he will be ready to bring the world to Its knees! 

Unlike Tails, disturbed by the message .ind unsone what wilt happen, 
Knuckfci rdaxM confident there's nothing to worry jiixHit. Sonic, however, 
shows a brier flicker of a smile and take* off agam mio ihc distance. 

With tlial familiar grin of confidence, Sonic s»y\ Uv. wouldn't ntiss Uns parly 
for fhe world! 

And Ihiv is Hijw tN: ihrfcc reunite tor their greatest adventure to put an end 
lo Dr. Fggman's wicfcnrf ploy. 

Sonic the Hedgeh 

Age 15 

The wofW'i fastest supersonic hedgehog 
un rivalled in speed returns once more. Alway 
tfw drifter. Sonic gtM> ivh«?ri>ver Ifici wind 
take? him, and lives life according trj his 
own m\e% rather than the staridards of 
those around him. He's basically 
easygoing, but when he gets fired up 
over m injustice, his anger explodes 
with surprising consequences. Always 
jit the receiving end o( Itris aggnaision 
is arch-cncfny Dr. fcggman, wfKJse 
•fiendish ploys to take over the world ara 
constantly being foiled by Sonic. Sawng 
the worki is a nice distraction, but Sonic ts 
ioon oft to find his next adventure. 

Watch out for the patented Light Dash 
manoc^uvre whoretiy Sonic hurtles along a 
path t>f il{iiii>trialt:d King&, even through 



kles the Echidna 

Age 16 

An Egotistical dread locked Echtdru 

from the Angel island, ind ap|)ointed 

guardian of the Master Emerafd, Sonic 

^^ay be a drtfter but iCnucWes' home is 

ftrmty fixed m the mountains. Wild, 

tough, stubborn and inflexible. Knuckles 

sees himself as Sootc's rival, piirhaps 

btxAiAtr of hii own drt;affi\ of a free 

lifestyle. He's also known as a tre.asure 

hunter, and possesses martial arts skills 

Tails'* Prowri 

Don't let h& docile appearance deceive 
you. This cuU: twin-Uik«i fox Is nn 
absolute mecha -maniac with skills 
rivalling those of Dr Eggman 
Humbte abcHjt his abiMtJes. be 
ahvays does his best to help out 
Sonic, who sees him as somethBig 
of a cute kid brother. 

"Taib* can spin his tails like a rotor 
Hade enabling htm to fiy. 

A villainous team of Shadow, Rouge and Omega. SMIt and concentratron 
is required to endure heavy battle. 

"i . _:= jfc hunter Rouge, twho flics jJl over ttw world in search of precious 
le.vLHs, one day heajs thai Or. Eggrfwn is accumulating j masswe beasjw 
cfl4lcction. She Imrroxtafcly head* tor Dr. Eggnwn^ hcajquarters 60 liberate 
ih«e riches, bul drrfjiv^rs the base abarwtorked with ^1 the valuabiM gone. 

However, she comes across a stasis capsul*i ttiai to her surpme houses the 
figure of Shadow, l-ar (twn btin§ deceased as cviiryfaixfy Ihaughl, lie was 
indeed very much a)tv<:, but untonsCJOUS, In orcbr to rr(«:3scr Shsdow from 
the capsule, Rouge w/itchcs on me taciNty's power, »jn!ntt>ntiona% 
i^aclivaiing the final E -Series lubot Omega Shadow wakes to find his 
iT«mf)ry gone, UTudbte to r«call why or how he went into stasis. 

Omcgi}, on the other hand, was rather upset about Dr Cggircin shutting 
him down Mistalong Shadow for ont! at Eggman's robots, he immediatcf^ 
vtarts to attack him. 

RCKige steps in to break up the fighting, and reminding Ihrm both th«t ttif!ir 
enemy is Cgsman, the three shook hands and the team was formed- 

"Yeah baby! " announces Rouge. "Tbat rriakes us a team! 

Shadow the Hedgehog 

TVfTM: o< C rcation unkntjwn 

• Created by the ler^owned saerjfet 
Professor Gerald at the peak of his 
career, this black hcdgcfiog n the dark 
incarnation of Srinic, matdiing him in bt)lh 
speprf and abilities, Shadcrw never ages, 
and can use a technique known as 
"Chaos Control* to distort time and space 
using the Chaos Emeralds. Since his tall at 
Ctjtfjny Are (Sonic Adventure 2 BatUeJ he 
was presunted dead, but has since biien 
discovered by Ktjugc, alive; and in 
suspended aoinnahon at Dr. fr^man's base 
He now Slitters frwn amnesia and has no 
mt-wory of events prior to his release. 


E-123 Omega 

Tiine of Creation unkr ^■.. ■ 

The last anti most powerful of Dr. Eggtnan's E-Series robots. 

Decommissioned and left impnsoned at ttw base. Omega was reacti , . 

by mistake as Rouge released Shadow From that point. 

Omega decided to destroy all of Dr. Eggman's 

machinery to take revenge tor his 

imprisoflmcnt, and to prove 

nnu; and fiw att that Ih: is the 


His witie armiv contain all 
manner of concealed sveapon? 
and machinery making him 
a powerful force to 
reckoned with. 

Rouge the Bat 

Age 17 

Rouge is « professional he.asure huriter. 
fofever in search of the world's most 
precious stones, and part time 
goveminent spy. Fearless, bewitching, 
and overflowing with feminine dtarm, 
Kougt! is dedicjited to her work, and 
never leaves a task empty handed Her 
extern^ appearance sug^sts a careless 
character, t>ut she is actually calculating 
and manlputaiivc, basing her actions on 
potential giiin rather than abstract 
mcvality or manni:r\. 

Her powerful wingsi enable her to f^ 
with ease. 

A delighiful trio of Amy, Ci«am and Big, Shorter missions are sutUble for 

younger play«fs. 

- ' r'azily in love with Sonic as atvk'ays, n concumed ttiat she hasn't had 
-.ny contjit for over a moath. MaJung Me progiBss an his traJ, she K 
-ibout l(j give up ho^ when she caches Mght of Sonic's picture in a 

' T lier e»ciUMT«:nt, Amy atos straigjii In the ptibtKhers to a^ where the 
p-cturc wav taken, and on twr anival, she meets a huge familiar looking cat 
irfllf^d Big and a cute rabbit named Cream. A quick exchange oi stones 
reveals thit Big is N>tjking for his best trieod Troggy. and Cream & looking 
tor her frisTnd Chao'5 twin ChoctJia, both of whorn had appeared in the 
pxiure with SoDK. From this, they decide to continue their search together. 

"You cant run forever SonkP Mark my words we WILL be nwrried!'" 

Amy Rose 

%: -J 

An overly cheerftjl and a slightiy 

errstk giri that poor Sonic just can't 

seem to shake off Amy uses her 

natoraJ initiative and positive 

attitude to puB the team together. 

and tM;r wcap(H< of choice, the Piko 

Piko Hammer, hetps her to 

majntain auUionty L>espite Imt 

dt^arly drfimsd goal to orte day 

marry Sonic, he treats her as litUe 

more than an annoyance. In his 

heart he probably doesnt dislike 

her that much 




Big the Cat 

Age 18 

A huge febne that lives wiSi his best friend Froggy, peaceful^ n -\-f -iidrfle 
of the jungle. His hobby is fishing, and be always ha^ his favourite rod 
handy. Big K strong, but genlfe, and very easygoing as is reflected m his 
carefree speech 
manner. He also does "---. '.^^^ ^— ^ «.i ■• 

his best to help his friends. 

On this occasion, his best fnef?d 
Froggy has gone mosing, so 
Big 4cb olf Lo try and 
rescue him 

""WmM the Rabbit 

Age 6 

A Ctite little rabbit that takes hct Imy 
Chao "Cheese" vtrtth her wherever she 
goes, and at just 6 years old. is even 
younger than Tails. Brought up tike a 
prirKess, she is a little naive and 
simple minded at times, often 
gelling hcr^cif wrapptd up irt other 
people's problems. She also 
loves ice cream. She never 
forge ti her manners, and even 
offers a poWe curtsey before attacking 
Dr. Egginan. with CKtreme prejudice 

By flapping her huge ears. Cream cm 
sustain flight. 

This devious team af crack detectives i% made up of Espio, Vector and 
Charmy, Each Ml&sion they undertake lands them In uneKpected 
situations, which leads to some very unusual and sometimes dubious 

The Chaotix Drtec^e Agency is ilways at your swvitc If the pcic* iv rigMt 
Liiirly however, things have been quiet with very !ftt)e work available 

cJrte lazy day, a myslcfitwr'. package is delivered to Chaotix. and inside ttiey 
find a transaijver vrfi'ith mysteriously promises a harnisome payment if 
Chilolix will tahe on a case. Charmy is thrilled l>y Uiv oUr.r, but h^mi 
fnmains sceptkal due \o tne strange nature of Sw communication. Boss 
Vector, with doMar ligns in hK eyes, wastes no time in gathering hts troop 
togetttei to take hasty adtfjwrtage of tf»; opportunity. 

"You kr»ow our policy! W* never turn down work that paysl" 

Espio the Chameleoi 


CJpiniofiated arx) self obsessed chameleon 
at the Chaotjx Detective Agency He has a 
ttiditjristic discipfme despite t>Cir>g qutci 
and laidbadt. .=(nd thanks to extenyve 
ninja trjuning. he can face troubte 
head-on unconcerned by danger. His 
Lharaclcniilics mcliidf; a protnidtng 
horn, coiled tail, and a stealth 
camouflage trick that renders him invisible 
to enemy cyis allowing him to pass tsy 


Vector the Crocod il 

Age 20 

Outlaw detective and head honcho of tl>e Chaotix Detective Ager^. tie 

can find ppJtccfui solutions to prt»hlcms, providing an aggresshw ITwihod 

canrrot be found. Despite this, he's the 

brains behind the detective 

operations. He'll do almost any 

kind erf work providing the 

payment is 

right but 

won't get 

invotved wfth 

anything dirty. 

His t:hantal>lr; 

nature sometimes 

leads him to take unpaid work, 

such as finding lost toys for crying 


Vector can eftortfessly defeat 

cncmHis by crunching 

them between his 

powerful jaws, a 

fofmidabk^ wc:ap<>n with a dazzling 

sm*;. Hts trademark is a set of 


Charmy Bee 

Age 6 


This scatterbrained funf?y-kid likes 

nothing more than fooling around, and 

milking the remaining Chaolix staff took 

professional. Seen by the others as mort; 

of a cute mascot, he's generally good 

natured and light- tipai ted, but when he 

gets angry he tends to intmducr the 

smiite ot his anger to his stinging t^. 

Channy is neither dever nor powerful. 

but excels in folknving hurichies ar>d 

uncovering hidden objects. He is also able 

to mysltriously warp between flowers. 

His flying helmet «S his Icademark 





A5 hH name implies. Dr. tggman is a 
Doctor llwL \atM lite? an #gg. As wed 
ijs having an unffdSJbly high IQ of 
^CIO, Eggm^ is a ronianlicc&t, d 
feminist, and a ielf-pfofesswJ 
gentleman Sadly, his chamis are often 
difficurt to spot through ttie abominable 
laughttr that iica>mpiinlns hiii nmnmatl 
dcclatal«)ns of world domination. Sonic '5 
siways finding w^v^ to stop his dtatjoiical 
plots, but as Willi all gftral arch-cncnwai 
Eggrrwjn now see; Sonic as more of a rivaj 
than a threat 

Mystery Monster 

A mystwous robot that holds the key to 
destroy the worW 

(j.iiiii.-r unlinowr. 




5TART button 

I C-sfT* Start 

Left thumbstldt 

Move Cur40r (S£-lcc: Meng tlcins) 

Directional pad 

M&t-e Cursor (Select Menu Items) 

O button 

t'tlcr S(:ii:(li<!ii 


Cancel (Return to Previous Screen) 


START button 


Left thumbstick 

iVi(!vi^ C ha rafters 

O button 

Jump .' Sp^ciiil Ac lion 


Actior Sjtton | 


H;>r;;;c C"an-rf ra i pft ^ R'ght 

© button 

Clotkwiit: F-otmatitKi Cha'igt' 

& button 

Counter-Clockwise Fomiaton Change 

BSack button 

If'sm Bla^t 

Right thumbstick 

View Surroundings frorf, k:ii(h-r\ VicwfKnrii j 




Sonic Heroes introduce \iK br»nd ww Team Action control system, 
whereby teams of character ane controlled tngelhcr »n tormaliiin. inch 
team has 3 fiicmben; individually re^esenting Speftrf, Ry and Power. Thp 
clijMcLcf leading the team it any given {XMnt detefmines the Fomwtioii 
fype, allowing a unique set of manoeuvres to be pertofrned The tdlowing 
actions are common to each team and chafaclcf. 


( eft thumbsUck 

Movt irflde'' freefy in any dtrffclicir wiWte 

i>it^ I' -'sllow close behind, increasing the 

angle of Uis lett analog stjck makes the characters 
run fastct 


O ittnlng cifitanrfing still 

I , , - :: e a .^ ;; ;:, of special jump 
maioeuvfes can also be pertomwd (see Spcciid 
Actions on p.lS). 

Change Fomiation 

O fif Q huttfin 

PdMs ihf: o oi o button to change the leader and rotate between Speed, 
Fly, and Power Formations. Depend in.^ on the formMion type, a visnc.ty of 
speaal manoeuvres can aJso Ix: pi^ifoimcd {v.v. Special Actiofw on p. 15) 


Team Blast 

When the Tearr. Blast Gauge ;: 'j ;-;-l"o ;■ . l, ..J<. 
uulLim li) perform the Team Birisi rnov«!. I his knockout 
technique is ideal for situations where widespread 
destruction is caled for, such as when ovcrwhdmfid by 
crKtmics, the Treim Hiavl Caugr take, lime to charge 
Lip. so use this move with caJtion 





Hotd O button 

Roll like a tiail to >ocrL-a^' ^.pt.t.'d and iilUdc cnt:mk:!S 

Rocket Accel 

-n ■'. o hijHon. tparri-matc; gather ^elgjise 

Team-mates push the leader, propelling them 
forwards at high speed Cats also be used to attack 
nttemi^ straight ahead. 

Solo Attacks 

I loid o button, release (without teann -males) 

The leader performs a special attack manoeuvi 
unique to that team. Sonic and Shadow attack 
forwards with a flying Kick. Amy flattens her 
surroundings with a Swinging Kaminci Attack, 
and Fspio throws Shuriken stars. 

Homing Attacks 
Junp. o "i.v.i.n 

Tar^jeted dash directly towards enemies. When 
team-fltatcs folio w through with the manoeuvre. 
the attack power is tnpk^d! 


Tornado Attacks 

Jump, O hutton 

Spin at high speed to create a uinado fHi^I 0iat 
can hom* in on and wcnkpn enemies, Espio 
combines this wjUi a Ntnja Leaf Swiri nunoei/vre 
alkiwmg him to meak fwst encrmci unmiticed. 


Ascending Flight 

Jump, hold O button 

While in Flying Fomiation, the leader carries their 
teanv- mates beneath and can tly until the FMght 
Caugr n used i^. 


Light Dash 

Approach path ot Rin^s, O button 

Enable Some and Shadow to ddsh n\ high spe«d 
along a path of Rings, even throu^ midair 

Quidc Ascent 

AscendnB Flight. O button 

Sudden dash upwards during tlight that also 
tk)uW«,'v «s 8 quidt attack on rnrmjtvs Ijy slunning 
>nrH jjrounding them, simttaf to Thunder Shoot 


Propeller Hammer 
jump, rrotd ft l>utton 

Amy can momciilarily sustain flight by spinning 
the hammer (ike a propellef. 


Triangle Jump 

HomifTj; Attack towards iivaH. grabs wdll, O tiuilon 

Bounce betiM«n facing <>uffj)rt!<> to pass across 
areas ■fihc^f: itwrc l^ no ground Espio can also 
rtrnain ?t»ll on the wall without tailing off. 


Thunder Shoot 

t flunch tPSm-rT>at« Itite cannonlMm tciwarrfs 
enemies on the j^round or in the air. A wetl-airned 
stKit will have the effect of stunning and 
grounding enemiw. 


Solo Attacks 

O button (without team- mates) 

The leader performs a speciai attack marraeuvre 
uniqur to thai tram fadi and Rouge ttre Dummy 
Ring Bombs to stun erwmi«, Ocam Minds hnr tiny 
Chao 'Cheese ■* to attack enemies on her behalf, 
and Charrny attadiv dinrcify wi^ his stJngin| tal. 



Auto Homing 
Apprmrh enemies 

[p-Hrn-mates automaticalty home in on and atuck 

Fighting Pose 
Hoid O button 

Cattier team-mates ready for some serious figKting 

Forwatd Power Attacks 

A scries of manocuvfcs for a Racking enemies 
directly ahead. Knuckles and Omega attack with 
Dash Punches. Big emptoyi an UmbrrHa Attack, 
and Vector cruridMs enemies in his enonnoiis 

Remote Power Attacks 
rofward Power Attack. O lii/tlon 

A scncs ol marKiein/re'i for attacking surrounding 
pnernies, ((nuckle; and Omega use Spinning Back 
punches, while Big and Vtxrlor laiirH;ti team-mates 
as destructive ImUs of fm. 

.e- .. 

Wide Power Attacks 

Remote Power Atuck, O buttrm 

Attack all nearby cniTmics with a single manoeuvre 
tCrtutilm launches a stngle punch to the ground 
causing powerful votanit explosions. Omega uses 
a concealed mattimf: gun to fire buSets round in a Big vwings h)s fishing reel around 
dangerously, and VSector spews hts putnd bn^th to 
knocJc out cnerntcs Into sobmissten. 



Fireball Jump 

Frj;htins Post, Hold • buttOO 

Knucktrrs and OmRga can jump while spinning 
team-mates to attack surrounding enemies. 

hi] i I 11 ti,i!(^ diagonaily liiwards !hi; ground as 
balls Qt Tht resulting explosion damages ail 
enemies in the vicinity. 

Body Pre^s.'Hammer Down 

id Vector can attack ctilttucs dirt^clly Oencii'.t 

Triangle Jump/Umbrella Descent' Bubblegum t>escefit 
Jump. O button 

Float gently toward<i the i^'fund luyrilT' .'.■■(*» 
tcam-matRs. By catching a draft, this -^^^^f .ivr!- 
can also be used to float upwards. 





'.'Vs.n Meru Use tne lett Dndoibiiii.^ oi 
directional pad f t^ ^ lo dttxjw from ttit^ 
tol lowing and fHKVi the 9 button to select. 

1 H) Rii. AY ^IWOPEI 

From tKt 1P PLAY Menu, u» the left ttiumbstjtk or directioniil psd f | to 
choose from the followinji and press ttie O button to sdoci. 

Hlay Ihii ^Hmf. tn rnvpal the ^tnry. 



Rg Jltgrnpt MisSjQCS in pfCMiiu^f Lk;^cd SlijgcK Qj^: p.?7) ] 

Tutonal on Baste Team Actions (see p. 28!. 



the for Singte Player Games (5ee p,21) j 



rr^Cnu foi TwC Pkyur CHriic>> (Scr p. 21) ] 



menu for bonus features (See p. 30). 


vanciy. f-ame settings [See p. 31) 


fcvcry lime you start-up ttw game, tfie tare 
Sefect Screen will be displayed before you 
pfogfess to the Main Mr.uu Hf.ic yew wilt be 
risk«;d i(» v'lect a slot on the internal hard disk 
unit in which to create or read a Came, which is 
accessed aulomatiCBDy during play \.)v. the \pM 
thumbstick * ^ to choose a Came slot and 
pfKS the O button to select. Follow the 
instructions otiKiocn Ui civ.ii\t'. or open a Canw, 


This is the main game mode where each team's story is revealed by 
completing each action stage. Each of Lhe 4 tciim<. has Ihcir own unique 
stciryline with viirkMK leveb ot difficulty. 


On Lhc Cnjfattui itlixl «:r(:i'n, Ihfi four tearn 

are displayed together with game progress 
stiown as a percentage. Use the lett tftumbsln-k 
or diiwuonal pad ^ ^ to t:h(K«e thR tearn yog 
wish to pJay, and press the 9 button to select. 










The ot^ectives of each Mission are displayed a( lh<: Stage TMe Somen, sg 
read carefully before continuing. Cach AAlssion ends when you reach the 
Coa/ Ring Emt>lem at the crtd ol the course. 


O Story Mod« Slagoi oMiUin a 'singjle Mission mdtt. Once you complete 

ttie firrt M«sJon in Story Modt. an addftiofwt Artisslon fer each Stage is 

available m Chalfenge Mode (see ft.27). 
O Speciij Stage Keys can be faund m cacli Stage. II you arc carryirtg a 

<c-y when jrou r<;adi the Ccjal Ring Efnbiem, you will immfldtately errtef 

3 %pea^\ stagfi More progressing to the nejct Mission or Boss. See 

p.25 for detafis on ^Mcial St^es. 
O Game Data is aii(onia{(<:al!y saved between Stages. 



Points scored during this mission. 
Points are awarded tor speed. Rings 
collcclcd, Li;v(:(-Ups, giKKi 
technique and enemies defeated. 


Total game time dapsed since ttw 
bf;ginning of the Story. 


Number of Wngs currentfy heW. 


Qonus score awarded for advanced 

actitwi techniques. 


The Team Blast nwnoeuvre can be 
used when Cauge iv fuU. 


The currentiy seteded Team Leader. 
Dittcreot leaders allow difletcni 
Tt'sm Actions as part of the game 


CoHcttifig LtvcMJps for each 
character increases the potency of 
their attacks 


0&n»s(!<> 3S Ih*- F-lying Type 
dwacter tifes during fRght 
Recharges ;ujtontati'cally on landing. 


ItKJicatfis availability of an 
additional common action that can 
only t>e used m specific 


Ce-'ltct Rir.fjs Ki prctett 
a^iiftl eiMTtiiy altiikv 
For eadi 1O0 hn^ 
ttillectcd. earn an ex Ira 


Power Core 

f i ■ BImv and 

Y;- ■ • thwe rn 

Level- Up Ok tharactcf 
i7f rh» cof(eipon<ii(ig 
mlour Power Out* 
o^Jpear wiicf* Crrtaifi 
enenwfK are defMled, 
and can ate be found 
made Item Bonn. 

Formation Signal 

tnd«catcs the tr..i; 
•HHlithlf f-ucnmUun fix 
ucitbij; the next 

Special Stage Key 

Sp^.':^ -.■;.,^ .;.= ,:. ■,- 

be tOLida in each it^gs. 
Coiled one to *tHct a 
Sptdal Stji^ wtitn tti« 
Mission is dca>«d. )f you 
swstMn daniAgi; 
however, ttie Key vnll tx; 
lost as coMcdcil Rurgs 

Open the bo» ■ 
Ttie ttem imtdt- 

Goal RinH 

Tnfy;f>i The tkKil Ring to 
compktc tt^c iction 

Hint Ring 

'ouch to receive a 
■■i'i»l«^ ^M ffo«i a 
team- mite. 

Formation Change Gate 


Check Point 

Point to iavi? yoijt 
progrtis and frtum to 
itMl poini if yvu kftc .1 
lite. The leader thit 
loudiw the Check Point 
also feee'vet one level- 



S, lOorJOItinei. 

High Spe«d 

Increase rLrninj? £p*fid 
((W » litnitCTt time. 

Protect *|;4i(ut enttny 
attadu one Umc only. 

I~cn:ji« livei by i 


Power Core 

Currto in Ihrw i>jluun 

Up the conropondJng 



Team Bla&t Rine 


Fly Charge 




tf you 3n holding i Specul Sta^e Key when you reach the Codil Rlnjt, you 
wdt enter the Spcciiij Stdgc where yuu earn {Kllnt^ that nnp convcfted liiLu 
cxIrA [ivc^ plus get a chanct; lu obtiiin one of th« 7 ChJKK Emerdkte. 


Left Chumb«lick 

Wiivi- (h^Mrli'fs left iir rigtit | 

O button 

Jump Uw to avoid Dcrbs [ 


lj<-e Power Cau^e to Dash 

O iWng the Power Gauge allows a sudden Dash creatinj; a temporary 
shieid ot jJr ContinLicus use' drains the Pi>wer C^ugc. sa uw with 

O Move left nght, and iump to collect Spheres and avoid Sombs 

The aim ot the Speoal StAge is to ctutse ind utch up with the Chacn 
tmcrald withm Ihr- \imt: provided, tven (f the f merald for the Stage you aie 
pUying has already been taken, you can stilt boost your score by jimtng to 
reach the GoaJ Ring while canying u many Sphcrrci ki posuUc. 

Pewcr Caufe 

InticiJiCi Xi Sphcm ait njflcded. 

J nit dt^ff.*-*^ *hwi uMrd to Oaih 


ifHTJici a» jphere* are roftcrtcd- 

Timf lUmtinlflg 

Hmc wtftcbic to complete ttic 

* * 

CoHnt tlK^ tu increa^ (he PiMfCt 
Cauj^ tevet 2nd Score. 


Carrie (." :ct£Cl a'C^ 

will tit£itt»se. 
Dim Baitoon 
Chdo BjiNnoiK d' 
and BomiB so '..: 
up Ihr wrur^ onr^i ' 

spheres clittw: m thrpn varipHrs. 

V Xr 

Normal Spheres 

^cgulsr type of !^phert! to foltect- 

Power Spheres 

Boosts levd af fxiwet Gauge. 

Score Spheres 
BaosU Sairc 


Ouiing gam«p4ay, press the START tkitton to display the PAUSE menu. 
UsB tti*i Ittfl thumb^lick or direcikKial pad f i to choose from the 
fuflowinE. and pr?ss the © or START tHitton to seted- 

Continue | 

CflnrrI fht- PAlftI rr^mj ancf (-nntinup thp gsmp 


Rt-iUf. Actum Stage. 

Quit ] 

Quit the game and return to the Title Screen 



In Challenge Mode, you con replay each Action Stage pfwrioujJy cfeired n- 
Story Mode as inany times as you irkc. I hi<> n ideal for pky^rs wi:<ihing to 
imptov)' Ihcir Scori? and Rank, racfl against the ck>ck. Of pick up tlems 
missed the first tirne around. For additioriat enjoyment a second objective 
Is also av^able for each Stage. 


" r ' '^ Stjje Seif-;: ' i . iio left thumtwEick or directional pad 
^ - \hv. U:3m ytju wKh to p(ay as, t » to select th« Staj*e. and 

pfiji, :... o ■Mttoo to select, for the chosen Stage, use ^^ to select a 
Missun and press the 9 button to select. 


A variety of intormatjon is displayed on the Stage Setect screen to hoJp ymi. 11 

total Fmbtems CoJtected 

Prt-scntiy Sdticicd Ttiam 


Chacs Emeratd {Collected} 

Top Time 
Top Ring Count 
Top Scxue. 

On comptetion of the setected Stage, new records will be automatically 
saved into the Game Data and you will be returned to the Stage Select 




Thti bJSK ToUwat providn i trial Stage in 
iwhirti to practice Team Action eontroK wlihout 
dange*' or objectivw to cotisidpr. S«Wi 
TUTORIAL from iht; IP PtAY menu to beRin. 
whwi thf TutorW Stage hoi been cleared, you 
will return to the Morn Mctiu (^iigni^s and 
result! are nol vived as Giime Data. 


In thij (Twde. 2 Players each control a learn 
CtJttfing tor the highc&l scofc m acccKdance 
with the Miuion objectives. A second 
CiNilroHer h required to p^ in 2P PLAY mode 


to choose from the availatatc if PLAY fiKxles, 
dnd prcM the q hutton to select To begm 
with, oniy the Action ItMe mode can be 
selected, but ^ oddtUoruJ mode becomes 
dvailablr for every 30 ErtiWefTis coMected in 
Story mode. 


Each pi:.. i I ;!wn tiam Use the left 

thlJ^Tlf)^t« k Of d'feetiortai pad te * to choose 
jfoof teams in turn, and press the e buttcm to 
select. The same tuam cannot t>e selected by 

tKilh pJiiyprs. 


i . ! . ■ ;.: ■-■5 3 Stages. Use the 

lert thumbsttck or ditecbonal |i<iti ft Ui 
choosi.: Ihi: VlH^;*' you wish to play or ALL to 
play the 3 Staj^ consecutively, and press ttie 
• button to selecL 




Kcplay muiic sound effects and movies found in Vns gatne by selecting; 
crttier Audio Koorn or CG Tticatre. 


In the CC Theatre, you can view movws that 
appear in Story Mode. To bej^in wtth. only the 
Opcntrig ts ava'AatAi:, Inil marc nxivici will 
bertwnp available as you progress through ibi; 
game. Use the teft thumbsbck or directwnal 
pdd t4 i(> chixTsc a moM, artd press the O 
button to view. 


in the Audio Room, you can listen to the 
background music and sound effects used in 
the garne Use the left thumb^tick or difcclional 
pad t • to choose a category, and press the o 
button Lo sdecL Then use t * to choose the 
music or sound effect you wnh to Ihlw lo and 
press the button to play. 


Make various changes to game scttirvgs. Fmm the Options Menu, tdect 
from the items lisltsJ tminvn. Use ttte (eft thumbstick or dfrecUooal pad f * 
* ^ tn rhorisf a setting, and press the A button to confirm thp change 




iet tfie Vibration setting in the C;ontroller lo 
OWOhk ihi; default setCng is OFF. 



C'li'^i- 2i iiJ i- A- jn'j t'le Games ilorcdfwi the: 
ifiU'rnHi ■ : ii ■ ir ?-sch slot with a Came 
stored w.l. d.z^.:-.; tie time elapsed, winning 
Team. Rank, Score and Enieralds tollected. 



Use the left thumbsbck or diredaonal pad «» to choose a s)oi, rimJ (jh's'. 
the A button to bong up the Menu. Select "Start' to begin or continue 
playing the sclrtli^d Game, 'Delete* to erase the Came. 'Copy* to save ^ 
copy Into anotfwf slot or "Cancel" to return 



Miiki: firji: adju'.:rnents to ttie bp^jjhtness it thf 



Qm aniall orsakade av Ijuskansllghet 

£n mycket tite-t atiuei dv oeloikiimgeii Ian (tiablias av eollepsl-Mtnaiids w^B, som kan 
uilosRs av yi!;sa visueila Mder, iiHclusivt Uiikinle ijus eler mOnster som kaii flrnias i 
'/i()eosp«l Auen maiini^or mm aldrig tidigare har drsMats av litoande anf^l etier epilepsi 
lun Iida av en ickt diagnostiserad akomma. som kan ulH^ dessa IjuskanstightitsantaU' 
IK' nn do tittar pi ctt uidcospol. 

r: -.-,1 anfall kan uppvtsa olika symptom, ii^tustve yrsei. synstomingar. ryckningar i figon 
•; 7 jrisikie. krampi>c*flinoar eief -skakniiiga/ i annar eller bon, forvirrini]. oklartim, elier 
'- ! [7 T'cdveUflclefortust. Antallen kan aven otsaki niedvetsloshei eiter ki^frpanfal!. soir 
peisonshador vid tal eller hopsifitmrtg med forem^ i itaitieten. 
- . elban an spela vitteosfi^ och konsulteiB lakare om du uttplrver rtagot av ovan 
r 1 - Ida symptom. Kfildrar sla haila uppsikt Ovflf eitef IrSQa sitia barn om de upplevi 
i'n;c! 3v ovan rwnnda symptom— dct ar vanligare att bam octi ungdomar drabbas av 
dessa anfall an vuicna. 

Risken att diabbas av epiieptisks antail soiri otsakas av tjusklinsUoh^t kan minsicas genom 
att siTta lartflre JrJll TV-stermen. anvaoda en mindfe TV-skarm, spela i rtt vjl upply^t rurr 
Dcli att aldiig speia oni du ar sDinnig eller ti6tt. 

Radgor med fikare irman du bdrjar spela, om du eller n^gon slakting tidigare haft anfati 
!':> n lidof 3v eptlepsi 

OvHg viVtl;; hiilsa- och sakertistsinlDrmatian I Xbox instruktJonsboken tmns vl(6g hilso- 
.rmaUoii, som du bit &a r^enom och forsti Innan du anvander denna 

Undvika skador pa TV-apparaten 

Anvand inte spelet hllsammans med vissa TV-appanlN. Vtssa 1.' j.: ! 

■.:zrTi: ■■ >;: 'r.1 - ■- - 1-' L.H-:-.; ptojeciscn. kail SKaoas om vidaospc ■ i -. -.■ ■ ■:?•■■! 

sam wsas under ett normatt spel. kan Oranna in" i skannen 
.. ,L_jj-. J - ;.-. -i.iUJskugoaavdenstatistcabildKisomsynsMaMan, svan 
net vidt^nspei spetn. Uknande skador kan upinla tran sIriisiB tiWer som dapas nb 
r el' uppetiSII «Ner en pais i spelei For att svgora om IV-apparalon ulan risk kan 
rr video^l hanvism tffl TV-apparatens tiruksanvtening. Om denrei Inlotmatkm 
. .... jksaitvisninoen. Mk du kontakta W-handlaran eller tittvarkaren av ap{»raten f6r 
. I. --d. 

j^ji;t-idrig kopierlng, andriog av konstniUion. overtonng, onenllif) visning. utltyrning eltet 
annan anvlndning i hommsisleM syfte, eller att kringgi kopieringssttyddct. ar !;trangt 


wmkn AAicROSorr 

1 . still in dm Xbtw IV-^pel fran Mtcrowft genam att folja instrvktionema 
i Xtwx m^ruktjonstwk 

2. Tryck pi av/jj^-knappnn sa kommcr tndikatorliunpan att lysa. 
3- Ttyck pS uimatninEsknappen si komrfwr skivfacket att appnas 

4. Ptawra disken Sonic t-tefoes i sfcivtacket med etifcetten upplt och stang 

5. Polj anvsningama pk skarmen och tSta t dert hir irtstruktionsboken tfir 
mer mformatiofl om hur man spelar Sonk Heroes. 




1-J jlr-i X-- ...'V 



nandkowrollspcirt 4 

rwiditonboiisport 1 

handkomrolUpanZ-J nwidknapp L_ 

Undvik skador pa diskar eller CD-spelare 

F6r att undvika skador pi Mat etter CD-spe4are- 

O Sltt endast i Xbox-kompatibla diskar i CD-vpclarcn. 

Q Anvand aldrig di^ltar i konshga fonner. till exempel i form av stjamor 
ete hjartan 

O LSmna intB kwar en disk i Xbox^konsotlen under en langre tW, nar den 
inte artvands. 

O Flj^lta tntc Xbi>x-k<wiM>Ilefi nar ^trorranen ar pisiagrn och d«t sitter en 

O Satl inlc pa i:Ukt!t[Rf, kiist«rmad(Bn filter andfa frammandt: fftrcmal pa 




F»-xpan5;on5ipiat5 A 

Bxpansionsptalli B 

ri^t tittyOast 

^^5lv jn^trydonf 

vAnstet styrsi^ 

slyikitjpp - 

vanstw Bvtrvckare 

Mger MliycUic 

y -krewp 


hJKter nvi^P^ 

BACK- kfUpD SlAflT- Uapp 

If 1. Andut handkonbdten til en handkorttroJIsport pk fratnsjdan av Xbox- 

For fl«>ra spelane, anslut Aer handkonliollGr till dc hArxfttyitrollsportaf Sdm 
finos tillganBliRa 

2 Satt i evedtuefia enpanswnsbitltwtror (till exempel Xbox minneskort) i 
lampligfl eitpanslonspiatsef fSr handkontroll. 

i. F6I| arn^ismngama pi skamien och fitta i den har mstroktionsboken for 
mi.'i inforrnalJon oni handkonbolk^t, fOr att spda Sonic Heroes. 





Trydt pa START- knappcf't p4 litcfskannen fOr att gi 
Ul hiivudntenyn. Anvand v^nsU^r \Lyr&pak cllor 
styrkfUppen -f ^ fOc ah viiija eti av falfandc ailcmaliv, 
och irycfc pi o-knappen ^ att v^ 


VKa menyn fer spel nwd pn tleltag«rf 


Visa rnenyi fOr spol rnc-d tvi5 dfltag<ire 


Visa menyn for bonu^fLnktioner 


Valj ny^ spclirip>lfi{lnin^fir 




Stjrta 5 pel 

Vanstej styrspak 

Flytlfl markor (markera menyaltemativ) 


Flytlii riwrlii'jf (fTvirkcr^ riidnyaffcrnativ.) | 


Valj meny.a.'ten-atv 


Avbryt (atervand till forepende skarm) 



Vanstef styrspak 





Svart knapp 

Hdgei styfspak 


rortlytu tigur 

Hoppa / Speciai'D'eije 

I Hii'idiiiigsitfM 


Vrid kamerar till tfloster och hoger 

Fcirmation^andnng i riktning motur^ 

Hjrmatj[in!.iindiirig i nkLning mcdurs 


Retrakta omgivningen fran ledarens synvin kel 


> H "zren helt nytt teamkorrtrollsystefn som gw spelama 

I- :,i ,;;•-■. . . ,. . "igurcrtw I tjltka (wmationer. Va/je team besUU* av tre 

fTiodlcmmar wm iniedningsvis wprwentefar egefHkapema hartigtwt, 
flyRning och styrka. Den figur som ledef team*t avgflr vid vaije giwet 
fjgonblitk vilken formatton som ska anvandiis tx+ dSffor orksa vi!ka unika 
rorelser son kan uttflris. Vai?e team och tigur kan utfdra foljande fOrelser 


Vamtcr ^tyr%pak 

■tniriB. warefter 
c. ;;^ ;^. : . - ,. :l _■ .-:er. £n dkningav 
vifikcin rm-d vSnslcr slyrifiak rcsultcrar I alt figurnma 
springer snabbare 



Tfyck pa O-knappen nir du spnngef for att stA stilla 
dicr hoppa i luftcn. Ou kan Sv4:n titrdra rtt anial 

Byte av fonnation 

O / 0-ltnap(Mma 

TfyCk pi O eiler (9 knappcrt fSt ait byU ledaie ocfi vaxfa mcllan 
Kash(jhi;K-, flyg- uch kraftfofmationer Den formation 50m anvands avgor 
vilka special rorrtser som kan utforas. Olika situattkHwr kr&v«r otlka taktiska 
I6sningai'. iA vAij (omiation med omsorg. 



Svart knapp 

Tryck pk den svarta knappen nar teaniattackmltaron 

ar full ffir all utfOra terirnall^r .n-r'-'rfi. tJcnna 

knockout-teknik ir passar fr - . ^- - -er som kraver 
Ofnfattaixie tOrfidelse. t«M exempLi !_ -i-Las av 
fk^a rKmdcr. Det tar lid att ladd<H -itack- 

mataren. ii anvlnd denna resurs rneo ■ornand. 


Tietoja turvallisuudesta 

Tietoja yalortiherldcyyden atheuttamisli epileirllsista kohtauksisM 

" '^"' " '"V'^et '/O'.vat saada epiiepcisan kjahiauksdn tieiyn^ywisisti vtsuaatisisia 

Jisii,^ Kokemubta voivat olli ffibnarUhsl vMamd vahit ta) tridiQiwMssi 
i . ^ ii n I . u] jopa henkil^ltla, joilla ei alemmin ofe oilut kounstuglamatiksia tal 
.1 ; (.'■m kohuuksia. saattaa <M taipumus 'vaJoylitieikkyydefl alheunamiin 
^'JLJl<^tuskor^tauks«in' videopei^ pdateaaan 

Kohidukiiilla v« oMa useti eri oireili. kuten huimaus. n^kotefitan muuttuminen, sllmien tai 
'11 nv'kimincn, kasiim tai jalkojen iryktmlnen tal vapina, keskittymiskyvyn jxiute, 
, js Uii lieumiitier' lajunnan memt^. Kotrtatiksel saailaval aHieuttaa tajunnin 
nsnsT/lcsen tai kounstuksia, jotka voivat joMaa touMsantiimismn esimertciksi kaatumisen 
iji esineisiin t^mSimisen seurauksena. 

y-nrnti hetl ia hakeudu liakSrln rioitoon. fO% sinulla on joltalur) naJstS oireista. 
sn tarldcaittava l^isiaao nlidei oireiden vaialta ja kysyttava lapsilta oireiden 
: I i6SCa. Lapstlla ia tehMkilsllla on aikuisla suuremp< todenrukSisyys saada 

- ~i : K'- koMaus. 

. 1 . irierkky^den aiheuttanwi apHepHsHi kotilairfsm rlAii voi pienentiS istumalla 
■ . n nr,n :i Teievlslosia. iiiflSmM pimempas tetovisioij. polaamalla hyvin vatalstussa 
. 1: . J li vatttamilli pdaimista unisena tai vasyneenl 

J .L L J J :i -uttiJiaisillasi on oHut aiemmm tallaista kohtauksia tai epilepsias, neuvottele 
t 1 1 ■ I iri«[) pebami^. 

Muita tarkaita terveylstn ja tarvalliniolsan iiitlYvia tietota Xboxin kaynool^eessa on 

!jr>;e;tj iie.'jii tti'veyiliistJ ja tunaiiisu^desta Lue rarrid tiedat ia vaffnis&, alti olet 
ommartanyt nc, onncn kum kaytattata OtiiOlmiStoa. 

Television vahingoHlumisen vStttSminan 

Ala kayta tielvntyyppisten talevisioidan yhtayilBisa. TtetyntyypplsetMevisiot, etenkln 
TtdLi^u- Di Lsu^i^projekiiotelevisiol, voivai vaurioilua, jos nJiQ Mytetian videopelien. 
ri'^mcrkihi;! Xbo^-pelien, petaafntseen. Pelien yhteydessi KHntyvat kauan paikaSaan 
it kuvai voivat *pal»' ruutuun ttHani. Jos idln k^. kuvasu jM pysyvi varjo 
r Qkuvaan, )aka nikyy, vaikkei vmeopalia peiata. Videopefin asetlamitMn taukotilanfi 
(aa myOs pys^yskiivan. joka vol aUieuttaa t^llaisen vmm. TarUsta letevteion 
: lohjeesta, voidaanko tetevistoRa peiata videopeleja tuivatiisesti. Jos tats tietoa ei ale 
< ' ^:iu talevtston kiyttdohjeessa. ota ytiteytta television myyia^ tai valmetajaar) )a 
^' '.tete, voklaanko telsvjsjota kaytlai turvalisesG videopelien ytiteydessS. 

|-|^ m stomatenaalin vattuuttamaton kopioiminen, purlaminen laMekoodiksl, julldnen 
a i:LA-)'mn. i/uokraamlnen, maksun keriSminen peiaamisestatal kopiointisuoiauksefi 
ohittaminen kielldaan {yikasti. 

XBOX-l»ELIKaMSm.lli ^ 

1. Asctina Xbojc -pdikonsdKl seuraamalla Xbo)(in kayttootijeessi otevia 

2. Paina virtapainiketta {a jtatus-merkktvalo syttyy. 

3. Paina potstopainiketta ja levykelkka aivautuu. 

4 Sijoita Sonic Heroes -levy levykelkkaan mmifi ytftspJin ja solje levykdkkii. 
5. Seuraa oiudussa njkyvi£ ohjeita ja lue \imk kdyttdohje saadak&cti 
lisatietoja stita. miten Sonic Hciocs-pGlia pdalaaa 


3=* I 

Vafta levyjen ja levyaseman vaurioituminen 

Jolts U:vy\ j/i Ipifyawma eivat vahtrtgorttutsi 

O Sfjoita vain Xfaox-yhteensopivia tevyji levyasentaan. 

O Aia kiyta kosluan oadonmunUitiia, kuten tthdcn- tal 

tydSmenmiiotoisia levyil. 
O A\i jata tevy^ Xbox-konsoliin pitkiksi ajoiksi, fcuti vc a ul<: kayld^>,3. 

O AI3 siirra Xbox-kormtlia kurr \4rta on plllll ja tevy on sljoitetttina 

O Al^ kiinnit^i IcvyihJn nitniOiU, tarraja lai mutta vitvaMsincitl. 



A taiijminusiiaiilu 

S- iMpwiuspilbln 

Dikea lii[»i$ln 

vasen ftipaistn 



BACK-napdain Smir-^ppair 


1 . Vhdista Xbox-iihjain mihin iah3n".a nhjainpcKttiiri Xbox-konsolin 
etuo5a!.sa. Useaa pe^aajaa varten ytidi^ta Rsaohjairwt vapaina oleviin 

2 Asertna muut lisdvSJineet (esimerkiksi Xbox-muistikortit) ostanmukaisiin 
ohtdimen kajertnusp^kkothin. 

il. Scuraa ruudussa nakyvia ohjdu ^a <m! LRmii kAyttuoh^i: ^adakst^si 
IdHttefcija viita, miten woit kayttaa Xbox-ohjainta pelatessa^ Sonic Hefoes 




Aviia pMvdIikko painamaHa START-r*iippair)ta 
otsikkonjudussa. ValiLw; ■jruraawla vaicmmalla 
peukalosauvafli) Ui Mjunta-alustatia # f ja vahvhta 
valifiLa partiamflfla Q-nappaf'rtii 


2P PLAY CKaksinpeli) 

EXTRAS (Bonuksetf 

OPTIONS (Asctukset) 

'■MrHy'/.Td yk-.i"i;;-el ■»'.■;" 

M.'iyCjU kiikSir-;pflivjlikori 

Nayt:aa borusto-rrintojen valikon 

TSman avulla voit muutta^ pelin asetuksia ;tjj 





Aloita pdi 

Vasen peukalosauva 

Siira kchdiSTinta 'ivalitje udlik<OKoh!i.i:i 


Siirra kohdirtinta (valtee valikkokohtia) 


ViihvisLi va!inls 


Periiuti (palii edelliseen ruutuun) 




Vasen peukalosauva 

L'l'iutii h/ifrrnujd 




Toim into nap pain 

^^^^^^Q^^^^l 1 KicrrH kitniisan v^snmfnailp tai r>ikf aN« | 


Ryhmitykscr vajhmminen vdiLipaivain 


Ryhmityksrr \a ("liii;'*!' niyctdpivaan 

Musta nippiin 


Oikea peukalosauva 

K d*.s V fii D iri sto i ' fi h t ."!!."> r ■■' J t: c i; j '^i asta 




Sonic Heroes ewttelee upoutnter i i . iritkS'AfJnestetman. jossa 

tiahmoisU koostuvaa lOiikkuetU : ryiimitykscisi. KtissaJon 

Ryhrtiitysta tietyBa twrkdia lohtawa nahmo nianttda fyhrrtityksen tyypio. 
lokd nuhdOlHfUa m^ArJtlj^'n l<KmiTit(>j«:ri suoftlUrnnm. St-tjra<iv<it 
tniminngt ovat yhteMa kjrikBle (oukkue))!? fa hohmoiBc. 



suuntaan ja fTHurt joukkueen jasenet V'- 
perlssl. Vasemmon peuk^Uosauv^/i kuintdri 
kiuvallamin<>n ^aa Kahmot ^lok^emaan ngpeanHnin 



Hyppao itmaan (oostessasi tai seisoessasi (winamalla 

Ryhmityksen vaJhtaininen 

O . O r^a^aiitnet 

Paina •• Ui #-n3pf]^imi, Jos h«tual vtfHaii jotrtajaa ja vuo(ott4a nopeut-, 
lento- {a voinufyttmltystefl vlfllli Rytunityst/ypistll riippuen voMaarv 
itxmttia mytH cnldhta c:fikoKI»fTwil()|<t. Fn tttante^ vaativat efilaraia taktisja 
ratkarauja. pten vaWse fyhnrtys huoteUisesb 

1 III 



J Qu kkuchydkkays 

Musta nappaip 

Kjn TeiTi E-JSt Gauge (joukkuehyiflJtkaysnHttj"'' or> 
UyndS, suujiU joijkk.iii!hy6iilLSys painamalb 
nappdinta. lima tynna^va tekniikka on iui : 
tjlanliM&sa, joiMa UrvtUan taajo^ h^tly^ta, muncrkik^ 
vihdlsten oBessa yivoiinaisa. ioukkuehyAkkJysnvttan 
Utautuu httaayJ, joten kayti vt^ haridtea 

— '▼aa 




■J,: iy,i Tiurunw 

:PFe5ident and COO 

..ii jfiimazaki 

:ex£cijtiwe VAce Piesident 

Product Dev«bpnnent 

AAikt! ShisfkK* 

:ExecLrtive Wee Pwslcfeot - 

Sates and Marketing 

Matt O'DriscoW 

:Senior Rtxiucer 

(Cuniyci Matwrnroto 

IcKafeation Producef 

Etito! AAartin 

:Tfx;hni4al Pttdun^ 

Matth«w WCM<fl«y 

:CurQpeaii Marketing Director j 

Gar/ Knigtrt 

.European Mark^n^ Manaj^ 

Mathcw Quaeck 

^European Product ManaRW 

Aiani Ahmad 

;Hei«J rrf PR, fcurtifjci. 

Stephifl Mcgariy 

;Pubtic Relations 

Suzanne Eglton 

European Trade and Promotions Manager 

Caroline Seari 

:Softwaie Pnoductioii Manager 

:Head of C^)e»at>Dns 

C^fl Hambiin 


Morgan Evans 

:Network Bustnass Manager 

Befinie Boy sen 

;Senior Web D«signer 

ttiuaftJo de Fdipe 

:Web Designer 


:lta«an Translator 

firtgrtte Nadesan 

;French Translator 

Marta Lots Conidlei 

:5ptmish Translator 

iTuzanrta ZabJcava 

rCennan Tran^tor 

Darius Sadeghi^n 


David Smith 


Roy Boateng 




specif Thartks: 

Andi. Jo and Peter @ Red Pepper Design Ltd 

Lau and OBte ® Mercier Gray 




Be the uKHh&te 
Sanic Hera napv by 
calling the SEGA 
hints and tips line an. 

I] painaaltatai^itm,pkaamaniiialfaa 
hmit ^ fmwktkii q( the hiH peftr tiibn caSI«^ 

n«a Hrrn aw ^p*9 » mrh : 


WtfBO Game Warranty 

""IS vdau udtiie carr.eb a warranty conforming to the laws ot Uie counUy in wtucti it 
I -chased, and valid (oi a durtdran at not less thai 90 (ninety) days following M 
V:- '■ r pufctiaso ' (prod 0< purchase requirMl), 
Ttm warranly is not valid in ttni foUOMng cases: 

1 . (he video game was purctased tor ctmnmefcial or protes^onal use (all sudi uses are 
strictly ImtUden. 

2. m video game is damaged due to incort«;t handling, accident, oi improper use by 
ttie ctmsumor. 

For further information concemiFtg ttiis Viiarranly. the consumer is invitefl to contact Itw 
retaJer that soM the game, or ttie hotline at the video game publisher in the cduirtry the 
yame was purchased. 

Videospelets Garanti 

Delta wdeospel har en garanti i eniighet mec! de lagtar s«m galler i del land dar {Jet ar 

inkbpt. Garaiiiin har en gittighctsftd pa 90 (nmlg) dagar fran och m«d inkopsdg^en - 

(kopehevis kiavs). 

Gaiantin galfer ej i foljande tall: 

1/ videospelet bar inskahals for kommersiein eJter proFessloneilt bruk (altt sidant bruit 

ii strSngt tdrbjudet) 

2j' videospelet ar Jsamkat skada till f5l|d av inkoirekt behandting. olycka. eller 

vardslo^et bos konsuntcnron 

Farytterttgare intarmalion giHancfe dtima garanti, o<nDe<Sos koosumonten att kontakta 

aterfdrsarjaren s«n silt spotat, eller kundpnst hos vfetoDfipelGfafiaget i de land dar 

spelet InkDpts. 

Videopelin takuu • • 

Taita vtdeopsliiia on takuu. )oto mS3r§yiyy sen maan l^iien mulcaan Io$$3 s« on oetettu 

la joka on volmassa vStiiniiin 90 (yttdcksankymmemd) piivSa ostop^macirasta lulaen 

(ostotosite on pakoHlnen). 

Takuu ei ote voinassa seuraavissa tapauksissa: 

1) videopeli on ostettu kaupailiseen tai ammatllseen kiyttdon ikaikki seilaiset 

hiytUKarkoJtukset ovat laysin kiefletlyji) 

2^ videD)>eli m vahingoittunut sopinanoirtan kdstttelyn. v^ngon lai v^^rinlOyldfl 


1 tsitieioja trusts kuluttata saa ottamalla ytiteytta i^leenmyyjsan |olta pell on ostettu 

tai videopelin kustantajan puhelinpalveluun siina maassa, jo^a pcli on ostettu. 


.-.„, :,,r'. --.-I' ---■■-'Riwu.SwongmHlpurEhaMfoimBGame.iiBitttsQamewlMftain 

mompoqwg maniBl for a pertod ef 90 days Ikom ttw (^ of Hist 
.j;-v? t.xrL - ; ^iMn««>ilwG»iMcowi«dliyihBiMTO«y»*htaBiB9(HtouBeifai w^ 
iiMMr will repw or reptact tne Game at Us option, ^ ot chaiga, Kcwding Id ihe pmecss idanUBtd'hiinv 
(Miich a« siridly loibHWM), This Imiied vfflramr (a) tioes not awHy I Bie Game is u^ 
tw«i»{nmactiiput1)ose:aedt>4^voiitlany(lin»M»wUilhiGainearireM«iiDactidiint dUim 
vinjs or niisappiicalion. iwt fmiMl «nnan^ oMsyou Gptdfc ligMs. and you ray Ja hM icwutwy'or 

Mher ri^its under yuiff local jurisifcJinn. 


I'l'arrarrty d^aris siMuU M imdn ta IIm retjier Inxn nlnn yoa beviM tw pn 

: lusmer Willi » tn^ of il« aHginri ufes reoiptantf in «^mpikndt»mi}i^fmwtt^ 

wiiti ne Game. M iis i^on, Ihe rMh «■ (iMr leiMr or repk» the Gmt. Any iqilBCC^ 

1^ MnanM tortlw rmaMer (Mtteiritlittl wanaaiy partMl or 9D days »oni iiMwr*. wiM 

If ta my reason ttie Same cannot to MpiM or liplacel ytM wi b« MhM to iHXM your ifcect (^^ 

other) (teaoiie incuitd in raasm^to rrioflce bii oriy 19 III to anwm ol Hie pfjd ytti pHJ k)r the 

GanM. Tha temgoing (iqivr. npbnnwir or imM dvragM) Is ywr enckuiM iwnedy. 






■Mae: ftK » game taasn trtftfe^ [nasf owjrs ttw sn^ M r^.nr- 

i4q«\m ..':.■ L53 2?1 \i\.\Z'm\r\) 

DwiiiiiU :.' HO JOOQ 410 (tetetodgetkinicn 2uni artslarH) 

bt 1 B9IJ <■}■& bib (Local Fatej 

Esixm "<'.:":':'- 1 S« ViUca anta liamada k)caf) 

fnK. ;_ : :i*0,12(tlM) 

Until : '""H'artftainnflwiorala) 

Mcdcriotiri -.isnin) 

OitBintii '■■ ' . ' ■ ?3.'»nln) 

Sdiwtii 'HPinin) 

Swiri -.- ■ ■ . . . - .^ - , 

UIGSh:. .. _..ji -:...' 

..r ;cni 

:M SuBjM W ClWlQi wiftoul 

' - "■ 

unib'a^ SJt^HKwniK 

' r- -: m- .RLardmfierlntNiietVllUiittrifmnmBsutiedUclwtgewiiiiini 

' -" aigMiaKans. pMlkCiC. (MOptelMl vnitKfkvicled In IfK jiDim 
np«^ wgwlisiDnk pradMt penoi or ewiit fc ktadii] or 
shwij be illeniM „... ,L,,, ...:;,„ „,.^i :qiW»igMli<»B*« iwinn^ 
Without liinttig tin rigitt undiraspjiil^ f» part otihB docuiMM inw bi npro^ 
intt a tdriinni s^ni, ar MeaiMQid toany hfin 01 by any inens (decitinic, nwdwM^ 
rscon^ <r gttaWEB), «r It «v inaiiisB, ailnit to a|iMK Mttin pamfedon Ol Sega Eu^ 
^^ tn SEM togo. Sort; Hmm ml So* The Htdgringaie dtar itfUeied tiitferNrts w 1^^ 
SeiA<»mmATlON. M rtpts iraeiwd. Odipial Gum e SEGA e SQltlCTiMM^EGA. 2l»3f>ub^ 
St&A. RandartVM is a NQlstiM Udeawk at CMon Ini^ Pmikm ot ttijs sotlmn IK Copy^ 
Cciimm Softum Ltd and I* 1 


- ■999-20(SE>o«iylAonn«i.Alii|]Msi 

01 DOBy UPOMlffOt. CBnfkfHClJ MpUbfeTHd work